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- For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

- If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. 

1. :iconamadoodles:
 Dance the night away by Amadoodles  AC 01 - ACEO:Niittylilja by Amadoodles Switchback by Amadoodles

2. :icontimmiboi:
Puggy iPhone cover by timmiboi Raven by timmiboi Stripes by timmiboi

DC Comics Heroines Bookmarks by DannimonDesigns Anime Girl Pillow Fight!! by DannimonDesigns Hawkeye Commission by DannimonDesigns

Power guy by lordofALLspacebugswasihasi by lordofALLspacebugs house baratheon by lordofALLspacebugs

Reviews: Neon Genesis Evangelion Review
The journal of Dr. Seth Michael "Victor von" Vandenburg, November 2012, Thanksgiving: It's been three quarters of a year ago since I have joined the Mecha Mental Hospital. It was a decent job, helping patients through their problems, listening to their stories… Thus far, I've only had seven patients that recovered with flying colors, probably because they just needed someone to talk to. These problems were never serious, so it was an easy job. At least, I used to think that.
I used to think that, until I had my eighth patient. This patient's name was Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Looking at the patient's record, this wasn't the first time it went to doctors for help. Yet the results were too diverse to even get a clear answer and the methods were sometimes… unsettling, as if detail and analysis were, for lack of a better term, foreign. It also came to my attention that some of these doctors would attempt to use forms of therapy that would rob the patient of its will, its original bei
Goof Troop Review
It's really a wonder how many kinds of parents there are. There are responsible parents, nice parents, tough parents, abusive parents, neglectful parents, and even parents that are just plain delusional and ignorant to what truly needs to be done with their children. All of these have different effects on their children, which in the long run either prove to be insignificant with the right care and treatment or even greatly scarring enough to prevent the child or children from ever having a normal life. But then I smile in knowing that there's one sort of parent that may not be perfect, but he cares for his child and does his best to raise him on his own despite influence by others.
This one of a kind parent is none other than Goofy Goof of Disney fame.
Goofy the anthromorphic dog was created by Walt Disney in 1932. He's usually portrayed as the clumsy and less intelligent friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, though sometimes he's also portrayed as intelligent and creative in his ow
Motivational poster: Bleach Motivational Poster 13 by slyboyseth

6. :iconcuba12:
Connie's Owl by cuba12 Foo Dog T-shirt CAD by cuba12 Pirate Girl by cuba12
7. :iconvondashroom:
Flower Pony by VonDaShroom :Comm:: Lady Autobot by VonDaShroom :Comm::Nowi+Henry by VonDaShroom

8. :icongallice00:
Katarina by Gallice00 Magichan by Gallice00 Alice Manga by Gallice00

9. :iconmelody-hikari:
The canvasThey say that you can't tell what a person's been through
I'd like to think it was written on my face
All the words I've been through
and the lack of them.
Leaving a trace so fine, it is nigh perceptible,
until you know what to look for
Every harsh word formed with an embrace
Every harsh word carved into the blank canvas I create
my heart doesn't stop because the sounds do
Even though I wished it would
I wished it break no further
Smash it into my own pieces
Twist it until it wrinkles
no longer recognized as its own
Show it on my face, that corrupted soul
the loving life drained out
impatience wears thin the canvas so dutifully laid
so that no one dare asks what's behind it
until it falls down
thrashes to the floor
or sometimes
its own weight
brings it down
clattering silently
rolling to stillness
and everyone pretends it has stayed.
  I had a breakup with MotivationI had a breakup with Motivation
it isn't going so well
I find my days listless
as I wander aimlessly through my thoughts
I tried getting hold of Inspiration,
but she won't answer my calls.
The times we run into each other are magical
But when she leaves I'm left touching a coarse pall
Why can't I spend all my time with her,
I wonder for the numerous time
But then I remember-
She's only Motivation's sister.
I had a breakup with Motivation
it isn't going so well
I lie on my bed and wonder
how others greet her.
Sometimes, Self-doubt calls me,
and I pick up the phone.
I listen mindlessly, agreeing silently
as she rails into me
Other times I call her, angry and enraged,
but her brother Spite has her back
He reminds me of all my wrongs, and tells me
how worthless I am to exist in this world.
I had a breakup with Motivation,
it isn't going so well.
I want to be with her
but she won't return my calls
My days have slowed, the calendar becomes useless
I wait and ache for Motivation's return
My b
  A top never stopsA top never stops
with its motion perpetual
falls down
pick me back up again, asks the top
set me right
so that I may spin again.



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
South Africa

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