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April 5, 2006
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Edit: Made the pic darker, added watermark.

!WARNING #1! THIS PICTURE CONTAINS BLOOD. It's not that bad, I've just noticed some people, in my other deviations that contain blood, say that it makes them feel sick, so I am warning anyone that finds blood makes them a tad squeamish.

!WARNING #2! ZE PICTURE IS BIG, MONSIEUR! It's long in length and the file size is a little hefty, but you can all handle it, I'm sure ;)

HOLY COW! This took me ages to do. If you are wondering why they are all in one deviation, it's because I didn't want them seperately. It's a good enoguh reason for me, it's a good enough reason for you, don't complain, it's unneccessary. Bitch bitch bitch moan moan moan.

I kinda imagine a little story with this. Like Serenity has gone missing in Silent Hill and they all split up to look for her. Too bad I suck at fanfics XD All the monsters, weapons and locations in this pic are based on the locations, monsters and weapons from Silent Hill 3.

Joey's picture: Location is the underground tunnel. Weapon is the katana. Monster featured is a Numbody, reference pic can be found here: [link]
Why did I give Joey Numbodies? Cos I wanted that specific angle and the only other low monster was taken by Tristan. I did the background twice because I didn't like the first one. I tried to keep a reddish theme with this pic... cos.... yeah.... so there. Joey whipping some Numbody bums.

Tea's picture: Location is the Mall. Weapon is the pocket knife. Monster featured is a Closer, reference pic can be found here: [link]
Uhm...where did this come from? I dunno, I guess I just got a picture in my head of her being really scared and hiding around a corner after trying to fight off the closer with her little pocket knife. Poor Tea, personally I like her, but I know the haters will love this. Before anyone asks how she got deep cuts from a thing which such round arms, the Closer has lovely little spikey things that it thrusts out the middle of it's... uhm.. bulbous hand. Luckily, it's a sloooooooow monster.

Tristan's picture: Location is the street. Weapon is the steel pipe. Monster featured is the Splithead/ Doublehead, reference pic can be found here: [link]
Woot, dynamics fer shuuuuuure man! I am glad I did Tristan cos he never get's any attention from me... and he was fragranceless. I even gave his hair some spiffy strands instead of that long hard fringe he usually has. The Splithead were hard to do... I don't think they have as many bandages as they should, but hey, I'm happy.

Yuugi's picture: Location is Alternate Mall. Weapon is the pistol. Monster featured is the Pendulum (best damn monster ever), reference pic can be found here: [link]
I lurv Pendulums, they scare the crap out of me. Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense...
Anyway, thought I might as well pair my fave character with my fave monster! I don't see Yuugi bashing monsters up like Joey and Tristan, so I gave him an easier weapon to use, makes for some cool lighting. Pendulums are kinda like 2 torsos sewn together with industrial limbs, it hobbles on the floor and has a nasty habit of becoming airbourne if you use long range weapons like guns. It then swings it's heads around and the blades chop through the air towards you, getting faster and faster the more you shoot it and making a nifty "nails on chalkboard" sound all the while.
Did I mention I love pendulums?

My overall concern with doing this pic was to try get across a feeling of desperation and fear in the characters, please tell me if I succeeded!

Any and all brushes used were created by :iconscully7491: and were heavily edited by me. Not one brush used in these pictures was 'slapped on'.

The picture that started it all can be found here: [link]

P.S: Sorry for the very long description, if you read through it all then I am extremely grateful and appreciate the fact that you take just as much interest in the information behind my pictures as the pictures themselves!
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